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Lipolysis, get to know what and how?

Nowadays when we talk about cutting down body fat, obviously there are many options. But the most widely used method is the liposuction or laser lipolysis. It is now the most accepted and commonly used modality for the removal of unwanted fatty tissue.

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Advantages of lipolysis

  • One of the most important advantages of lipolysis is fast patient recovery.
  • It diminishes post operative pain, ecchymoses and edema.
  • Skin tightening which is the most effective advantage.

For any location that demonstrates unwanted fatty tissue and modest skin in laxity laser lipolysis is indicated. These areas include upper arms, submental area, abdomen, inner thighs, back hips, knees, calves and ankles.

Patient with irregularities or uneven areas after a liposuction or other surgical procedure such as abdominoplasties are excellent candidates.

In certain locations, conditions and scenarios, lipolysis plays an important role. For instance laser lipolysis may be suited for the fibrous areas such as male breast area hips and back. Smaller cannula size is opted for the fibrous area so that it is effective in fat melting without experiencing additional trauma.

Surgery for the small areas of adiposity might have not been removed properly in the previous body contouring or lipoplasty procedure, liposuction is ideal in these cases of revisional surgeries also.

Lipolysis surgeons are incorporating the concept of combined modalities into the treatment regimens.

Select the right patient

A patient who is thin in good health and presents isolated pockets of removable fat is the ideal candidate for lipo laser selection procedure or surgery.

Patient education and careful assessment is necessary prior to proceeding with the procedure. During the patients interview full history of the patient should be obtained and the goal of the patient should be clearly identified.

Patient should have overall good health. Medical clearance is required in some cases for the patients above 60 or for patients with hypertension, cardiovascular disorders and diabetes.

Several measures have been taken to enhance the safety of laser lipolysis or click here to buy lipo laser machines and reduce the thermal injury.

During lipolysis, a combination of a palpation of skin and temperature are the endpoints commonly used.

The lipolaser procedure is often opted by those who have failed to reduce their fat by diet and exercises. This procedure is effective because of the controlled emissions and targeted body zones which is easy to attain in this procedure. The fat from the penetrated zone is liquefied as the laser penetrates deep inside the body.