Pixel Gun 3D Weapons

Pixel Gun 3D Weapons Information

Looking for the high graphics shooting game, then Pixel Gun 3D is an amazing shooting game. This game is available for Android, iOS, PCs, and Laptops. Players can play this game for free and download from the internet platform.  In this game, players can be played in multiplayer or single player mode. If you are not interested in playing with someone another player, then you can play the single-player mode and fight with the zombies and attack on the other player’s villages. If you win and defeat the other players, then you will be rewarded with the gems and coins. If you are not winning the game, then use the Pixel Gun 3d Hack which helps you in earning the gems and coins from which you can purchase the weapons, gears and other characters of the game.

Pixel Gun 3d Hack

Weapons in Pixel Gun 3D

  • Short Range: In this game, you will get the short-range weapons which is helpful in short matches and to kill other players who try to escape from the game. The Flamethrower is the best short range weapon in the Pixel Gun 3D. It is very effective against the other players in face to face combat game. But this weapon not gives more harm to the players who are using the high armor in the game. Another short-range weapon in this game is a signal post, but this weapon is for a short time because of the low ammo capacity. Keep in mind that use this weapon in the short fight don’t use this weapon in the long fights.
  • Long Range weapon: In this game, you can also buy the sniper rifle which is good for the long range to eliminate the enemy and other online players, zombies. But keep in mind don’t use this weapon in the close range of fight because you will get the massive disappointment in the close range of fight while you use this weapon. In the short range, the scope of this weapon will not be stable, so it is difficult to shoot from the weapon in close range of fight.

At Pixel Gun 3d Hack you can play in the single player or multiplayer mode. The single player mode is very good for enhancing the skills. In the Multiplayer mode, you have to play the six different types of games mode which include the deathmatch, flag stealing, survival match and co-op mode, etc.