Download GTA 5 Android

Grand Theft Auto 5 San Andreas – Finding the good and the bad

Development for the iOS and Android started soon after GTA V got released for the Microsoft Windows. You can find beta version of this game since it hasn’t been released officially for customers. When this game was released officially, it will not be free for download. There are in game purchases also where you may buy various weapons, luxury and vehicles. These features on the game is highly advanced than some other console. Are you excited to download gta 5 android on your phone?

Download GTA 5 Android

Knowing the Pros

  1. We liked flexibility with these game controls as well as settings. Having 3 types of the on-screen controls and full controller support will be nice as well as giving gamer an ability to tweak their settings as per their taste is preferable.
  2. This game itself is huge and long. It’s open world with plenty of side missions all along with regular story thus there are many things to do. It is more than the average Android mobile game.
  3. There are not any actual in-app purchases in the title. Some will speculate that reason this carries a tag in Google Playstore is because this takes you to the Rockstar’s site where you may buy the merchandise however we assure you that there are not any in-app purchases in the game.
  4. Mobile specific tweaks help to make this game a bit more enjoyable. Certain things like updated graphics as well as cloud save support will hit required marks on what makes the mobile game very good.

Knowing the Cons

  • There’re points where this game loses the frame rate even over latest flagship devices thus you may likely need to play the game on something besides max settings that will keep it running very smooth all time.
  • There’re not any Play Games achievements and Play Games support. It does not hinder this game much but it’s the big name of Android game & we would have liked to see it integrated with growing Android culture.
  • On screen controls are very clunky and when you eventually get used, there is never 100% comfortable feeling. Suppose you have the controller, we suggest you use this.

It is a best part of mobile version of this game. Well, one more interesting thing is it’s like living a second life. Not roaming but can do anything you want to do.