Everything You Need To Know About WOT Comet Equipment

The wargaming is the most played game today. The game of new tanks also broke its own record for concurrent players. There are already plenty of new and upgraded tanks that you could choose from. Among the new releases, the comet is one of the best. This tank is great for tactical with its fascinating features. But, if you are new to this gaming, you might need some tips and guide on how to use it. You need to learn how to position the tanks around the map with a balletic appeal. Then, there are these frantic hunts of each tank that you need to grasp. Everything it takes from match to a draw or sudden surges of activity and speed action is cerebral. Thus, follow this guide to learn all in this wargaming.

The Equipment and Loads

If you are using the comet tank, you should know the equipment it could handle during war games. It could carry the standard of higher tier medium like rammer and optics. You could also add the vstap so that you can aim at smaller circles. This one is great when shooting on the move. The rammer is the most used equipment because of its dpm. The optics are essential for better viewing anywhere you are on the map. Note that, when driving this tank, it could be very effective to have a good penetration of the AP. This would help you to bounce out the shots and other armored targets. The right equipment loaded in the comet would definitely snipe out weak points.

Driving The Comet

The comet is like any medium tank, it is fast enough to move around the map and change shooting positions. But, the cannon available for this tank does not have too high penetration value. Thus, you need to wander around to attack the target’s exposed rear or the sides. This could be perfect for fighting from behind elevations. If you are successful in putting your tank in the hull down position, you can shoot alongside the slope. But, you need to make sure exposing to fire only a fragment of your turret and equipped with thick cannon armor. This way, you can assure to shoot the target from afar distance.

t-10 in WoT

Superior Firepower

The same as the other medium tanks, the comet could form wolf packs and destroy smaller groups. It comes with an updated and superior firepower allowing you with this shooting move. But, remember that this tank has no armor so, you better save your cannon armor. As much as possible, avoid enemy fire and stay from an afar covered zone. If you are in the hull down position fights, ensure to move alongside the hill to avoid artillery fire. Bear in mind that this tank would take only one well-aimed shell to destroy it. So, make sure to use your large firepower to defeat most tier seven medium tanks, in one-on-one duels.

Stay Hidden or Plan Ahead

The Comet tank could be great for its spotting ability. This vehicle could deal with damages and remain hidden all at the same time. For new players, this could be rewarding equipment to use with its flexibility and DPM. But, remember it has a lower penetration and low alpha of the gun which could hard to handle at times.