bitcoin market

Know all about the exchange rates of 1 BTC to INR

Bitcoins have been the most popular cryptocurrency in the market to date and the value of this currency keeps fluctuating depending on the market of cryptocurrency. But the cryptocurrency market is very different from that of the regular share market. The latest value of 1 BTC to INR that was there even a while ago is 614, 163 INR which is the value of 1 single bitcoin. But the actual values and prices keep differing from time to time.

Is it worth investing in bitcoins

The market of bitcoins has significantly diminished from what it was at one point in time. But still, investing in a cryptocurrency like bitcoins is more profitable in today’s market in comparison to any mutual fund or any other share in the market. So, if you are ready to go ahead and take that extra bit of risk then this could be the perfect form of investment for you.

Have some background knowledge about bitcoins

One of the most important things about bitcoins is the fact that you must have some knowledge about how the cryptocurrency market operates. This is very different from the regular stock exchange market which has an opening and closing time every day. But the bitcoin market is open 24 X 7 even on holidays so keeping an eye on this market is not an easy task.

Thus, if you have been wondering about the exchange rate of bitcoins to Indian rupees and whether you should invest in bitcoins or not then now you have some basic idea.