pre wedding photography singapore

Tips and techniques for perfect wedding photography

As being a wedding photographer, your major task is to click every moment that happens in the happens. You can also plan for photo walls that are clicked during pre-wedding shots. These moments are shared with kids, family and friends in a long run. It is important to make the customer feel that their investment is worth enough. Review and ratingsplay a major role in this industry.

There isdigitalequipment introduced for pre wedding photography singapore to take different directions that ensures perfect day.The technical element will be discussed before the shoot is ready.

Prepare a list of shots that the couple wants to include in their album. Speak to them in detail about the family members, friends, and wedding guests who will be in these shots. Ensure to include the following shots in your list

  • pre wedding photography singaporeGroom Coverage¬†– Get shots of the flower, tie, rings, cologne, cufflinks, and anything else the groom requests. Include photos of the groomsmen getting ready, all of them together, and any other goofy shots they want to get together (sunglasses and smiles, jackets over the shoulder, or roughhousing).
  • Bride Coverage¬†– The bride shots will often depend on what she wants to be included. Some examples include the back of the dress, looking at flowers, considering the distance, smiling into the camera, and standing with the maid of honor.
  • Bride and Groom Together¬†– If the bride and groom can see each other before the ceremony, these are good shots to take in the morning.