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Training in AutoSales – Five principles for a Successful Closure

If you observe sellers of successful professional vehicles, you will discover that they use one or more of the following five principles to set the stage for a successful closure.

  1. Maintain control of the interview

You must monitor the interview (qualification) in order to adjust your closing abilities and make the most of your closing methods. This requires proper preparation of all the elements of the sale, before facing the prospect.

used cars in plantation

  1. Let the buyer set the pace

You can control the interview and, however, allow the buyer to determine the pace of their reaction, motives and personality. Recognize these differences with each client and promote your presentation accordingly. If you press too fast, you leave the buyer baffled and not selling in the dust. On the other hand, if the buyer quickly learns what you represent, increase your pace. If you do not, you will have an impatient, boring and equally unsold buyer.

  1. Give the potential buyer the opportunity to buy

Too many sellers make an effective plantation auto sales presentation and then do not request an order. They are afraid to ask for fear, the buyer will say no. Do not expect the prospect to tell you what a person wants to buy.

  1. Keep something in stock

Do not push yourself in a corner with your presentation, so you have nowhere to go. Do not try to analyze all the features and benefits of your car before the first closing attempt. If this fails, you have no choice but to repeat yourself, waiting for it to click a second time. Keep a couple of good points in stock.

  1. Recognize purchase signals

Few buyers will come and say, “They are ready to buy.” Be aware of the notices and notices that the buyer can give you, which will inform you when it is time to close the sale.


Beware of control expressions of the face or body, and then act. A raised eyebrow, a smile of satisfaction or consensus, or an expression of greater interest, may be your buy signal. Watch for comments or comments that indicate an interest in the purchase.