Will Bankruptcy Restore Illinois Driver License Suspension?

In Illinois, if you had a car accident and were guilty and you didn’t have enough insurance to cover all the damage you caused, you are likely to lose your driver’s license. Why? Well, Illinois has what is called a financial liability law. The law says that if you were guilty of a car accident, you are responsible for all damages. If you have insurance to cover losses, then your license is safe. But if you did not have insurance or if your insurance coverage was not enough to cover all the damage you caused, you are likely to lose your license.

Reinstatement of driver’s license suspension

If you did not have sufficient insurance, the person who harmed you will get a lawyer, and the lawyer will sue you. If you were to blame, this person is likely to be tried against you (unless you have a really bad lawyer). If you do not pay this decision within 30 days, the person who received the decision against you is sent to the Illinois Department of Transportation, also known as DMV, and the DMV will issue a DL 30 license until you pay the full decision.

You do not need to be drunk. You do not need to drive recklessly. If you have been driving a sober vehicle and exercising maximum caution, and you have an accident through your own fault and you do not have enough insurance to cover the damage caused to another person, you can obtain a Illinois license. Not only your license can be suspended, but also the license of the car owner and you can click to read more.

In conclusion

In fact, Illinois financial liability laws force you to pay a court order for an accident, otherwise you won’t be able to drive. What happens if you need to go and cannot pay the judgment? Do you have to travel by bus?