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The advent of the Digital Age was supposed to have ended all paper work. People were supposed to do all their business digitally, and all paper work was to be replaced by the Internet. Strangely enough, though all Doomsayers predicted the immediate end of paper, it did not happen. Instead, paper seems to have extended even further its continuous run from the ancient Egyptian Papyrus paper some 5000 years ago. The use of paper has not decreased overall and paper items like envelopes seem to have entered a boon period of production. Singapore’s Paper Industry has often been compared with the best Swedish and American Paper Plants. Envelope Printing Singapore is now famous all over the world, and the whole world cues up to buy the products.

How Envelopes Are Printed

Laser and Inkjet Printers, specialized for printing envelopes, are now available almost everywhere, but the requirement of fine quality and repeatability has made Singapore, the world center for fine Envelopes. In-fact Singapore has turned envelope making into a fine art. Areas like AMK (Ang Mo Kio) are specially geared to print envelopes of the best quality. Companies like SG Prints and Sticker produce possibly the finest envelopes in the world.

Typical Sizes Printed

The following sizes are commonly used for Singaporean Envelopes:

  1. The C6 size (fits A6 size) – 114 X 162 mm
  2. Wallet Type
  3. Peel and Seal
  4. Without Window

Envelope Printing Singapore has come a very long way and has proved all the Pundits wrong.