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Things you need to be careful aboutwhen comes to cryptocurrencies

There are many mistakes that cryptocurrency users make, starting with the fact that in their eagerness to quickly begin to be part of the ecosystem, they do not read or do enough research, especially when it comes to the terms and conditions, and to follow the instructions of the right way . But additionally, these are the mistakes to avoid when it comes to cryptocurrencies.Visit this site for btc to gbp.


When creating your password for a cryptocurrency wallet, you must bear in mind that it depends on whether you can access your assets, and most importantly, the security of your capital depends on that password.Click here for btc to gbp.

You should create a password that is easy to remember, but that no one else can crack, so your date of birth, your home address, your mother’s place of birth, can be information that many know, which takes away from your privacy. A strong password usually contains random numbers and letters, and should almost always have an external backup so that if it is lost or forgotten it is easy to recover. If it is written on any paper, it must be kept in a place that only you can access.

Device security

Keeping the computer or device from which, you access a wallet or mining activity is absolutely necessary, otherwise you run the risk of exposing the security of your software and the information you have stored.


It is important to have an updated antivirus, especially when you have the habit of downloading a lot of content and accessing many websites, which could be contaminated with malware that would cause great damage to your device. The best thing would be that you use a computer only to carry out your activities with cryptocurrencies, trading, access to the wallet, etc.

Use a single exchange

Exchanges are not 100% safe, there is always the possibility that they are attacked, and if they are not very solvent, then say goodbye to your cryptocurrencies, so if you do not mobilize your assets constantly it is preferable that you do not keep them in an exchange for long time, and if you do, use several.

The best place for your cryptocurrencies to be safe is your wallet, especially if you are not a trading expert and are only capitalizing on the value of your digital assets.